Thigh Lifts

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Dr. Ptak believes a Thigh Lift can create firmer more attractive upper legs. The surgery contours the leg, removes fat, tightens the skin, and or reshapes the overall look of the thigh. It will make your legs look toned, thinner and refined.

There are several types of thigh lifts, each designed to enhance a particular area of the thigh. An Inner Thigh Lift, targets the inner thigh, tightening the skin and reducing the overall size. The Bilateral Thigh Lift tightens the skin on the front and outside of the leg. The Medial Thigh Lift reduces skin and excess fat, shaping and enhancing the appearance of the upper inner thigh.

Who is a candidate?

The surgery is ideal for those who have loose excess skin, often as a result of dramatic weight loss or the natural result of aging. A thigh lift can also involve fat removal and liposuction from the thigh, this is most often performed in the upper section of the thigh, to reduce the overall size, and improve contour and shape.

Specifically, the Inner Thigh Lift is ideal for those who have reduced skin elasticity in the inner thigh due to extreme weight loss or aging. The Bilateral Thigh Lift is particularly helpful for those with excess skin due to extreme weight loss, much like the Inner Thigh Lift, but focuses on the outer and front portion of the thigh. The Medial Thigh Lift is recommended for those with fat deposits in the upper inner thigh, which are difficult to address through diet or exercise.


Each Thigh Lift procedure involves a slightly different procedure. Though all leave small scars that are visible, most recipients believe the small scars are well worth the improved appearance of their legs. With an Inner Thigh Lift, an incision is made at the junction of the thigh and the pubic area. Skin is removed as well as fat, the skin is then tightened and stitched to improve the overall contour of the thigh.

The Bilateral Thigh Lift is performed with an incision at the top of the leg, along the bikini line. Excess skin is removed, and the remaining skin is lifted and tightened, resulting in tighter firmer skin on both sides of the leg.

A Medial Thigh Lift is done with an incision at the groin that runs front to back to the crease of the buttock. Skin and excess fat are removed, the skin is then lifted and stitched to create a clean contour.


While it is possible to go home the same day as surgery, most Thigh Lift patients opt to stay in the hospital overnight. There is minimal pain and swelling, that is easily treated with mediations. In addition, there is generally little or no bruising associated with a Thigh Lift.

For several days after surgery a light compression garment is worn. Swelling usually peaks in two or three days. Any drains that have been used will be removed after two days, stitches can be removed at ten days. Most patients feel a bit groggy for the first week and work is not recommended for at least the first week, thought the patient can usually be up and about in their own home. Light activities can be resumed after one week, and most activity can be resumed after three weeks.